Teen sex with Old man! Johnny here, hope everyone is enjoying these uploads. Here we have another one. Frankie’s son, Justin, gave us a list of some new tricks the kids are doing these days. Back in our day we didn’t have any fancy moves, it was all about just getting it done. The three items on Justin’s list were, tea bagging, mushroom stamp, and the rim job. We needed someone to teach Frankie and I these moves, we also wanted to see if these moves were old timer friendly. So, we resorted to a paper ad, we called a few numbers until we found the perfect one. Susan, a beautiful 20 year old, She arrived at our house about an hour later, just enough time for Frankie’s blue mini to start working. We were lucky enough that she knew all of the moves on Justin’s list. For a small fee she allowed Frankie to try out all of the moves, also allowed us to film everything. Frankie and I discovered that these new moves the kids are doing are moves that anyone can do. No matter the age. I expected having to rush Frankie to the hospital, but everything turned out just fine. After checking off the items on the list, it was time for some action. Of which I’m sure Frankie enjoyed the most.