HD BluePillMen – Glenn finishes the job

Very Old Man fuck young ebony! – Johnny here with another upload. For this shoot we got this gorgeous girl named Lily. She had heard of us from one of her friends, so she decided to come by to have some fun and get some money in the process. Frankie was up early the day of the shoot, and he headed out to the pharmacy to pick up his little blue pills. He spent most of the early afternoon getting all spiffed up for Lily’s arrival. Lily arrived wearing a nurses outfit, well we later found out it was a veterinary assistant outfit. So, Frankie decided he wanted to play a quick game of doctor. Nurse Lily examined Frankie and then gave him a glorious blow job. However, when it came time for the fucking. Frankie was unsuccessful. Instead of letting the movie die right then and there, we gave our friend Glenn a call. Of course knowing that a pretty girl such as Lily was waiting, Glenn arrived in record time. Ready and determined to help us finish the movie, or maybe just wanting to get off. Glenn and Lily hit it off and off they went. Glenn really came through and saved the day. They fucked for quite some time in different positions. Thank you Glenn, for being a real stand up guy and helping us out when Frankie couldn’t.

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