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After listening to this week’s exploitee Tanya’s interview I can just hear the requests now: “Get Tanya back for a 3some with some other beauty”, “This hottie needs to be DP’d”. Yes this exceedingly hot newbie is oh so down to licking a girls snatch for the first time and getting DP’d also that we were way ahead of you all. I begged this beauty to stay a scarcely any days greater amount so we could set ’em up but it was all for not. Well you know how things are; or maybe you don’t. Tanya’s a very responsible working beauty that manages a restaurant at the age of 18 and could not stay longer than the weekend this hottie already had allotted for. Trust me, this hottie was fully down and committed to coming back in a week or so to live out those fantasies and I was busy planning the debauchery. As it goes with so many first timers, or buying cars, if the beauty or buyer walks out the door and says they will come back to buy the car or do some other shoot out, the chances are skinny to non they will. Merely Tanya knows why this hottie went MIA on us but thank God this hottie did 2 scenes with us. As I say, DON’T BE SAD IT’S OVER, BE GLAD IT HAPPENED. So as the story goes, our worthwhile buddies over at BackRoomCastingCouch told us of this incredibly hot beauty and were kind enough to hook us up, and what a hookup it was. If you haven’t seen her first sex on camera over there you are missing out. Tanya is definitely a unicorn. Super hot, fucking incredible body, agreeable personality, tried Nice Analized for the first time 1 week ago and LOVES it, wishes to lick some other girls snatch and is basically up for anything sexual you will throw at her. What greater amount could you want in a beauty? This hottie swallows also and from what I can tell is the type of beauty that will satisfy all sexual demands without being to lewd about it. Just watch as Tanya’s pussy lips vibrate as this hottie plays with toys for the VERY FIRST TIME ever bringing her to the first of many O’s of the day. I’d say Tanya like toys after today for sure. As a great guy at ESPN once said, “We have solely just begun” and begin the JJay does by standing in front of our newbie as this hottie ripped off his towel to devoured his cock with her hungry face hole. Oh yea this hottie can suck a worthwhile cock proclaims JJay as I put the Hitachi on her snatch. The way this hottie squires as I stimulate her love button and JJAy clears her face aperture with his cock is a web page to behold. Next, it’s time to reciprocate the favor and JJay tastes just how pleasing Tanya’s snatch is and he introduces her to having her a-hole eaten. Does this hottie love it? Yes this hottie does and JJay then introduces her a-hole to gazoo plugs, which this hottie can not live out of even greater amount. How much dos this hottie love gazoo plugs you ask? Tanya can not live out of ’em so much this hottie has some other O as this hottie completes her masturbation session with one up that taut a-hole. Up next face aperture fucking then a little a-hole Analized drilling for the first time by our wicked wicked wicked beauty. Fuck this beauty is down for anything, and I do mean aaannything! “What’s next Steve?” You ask. Let me tell you! Tanya is then DP’d with JJay’s cock up her snatch and a large ass-ramming up that sphincter that this hottie can not live out of. With those flawless teats oh so erect this hottie hollows “Oh FUCK it hurts a little bit, but it feels worthwhile”. We don’t need much, just lay back and take it up all your holes dear. The rest of the scene Tanya takes JJay’s cock up her that pleasing a-hole but this hottie does get a little sore so he takes turns fucking that pleasing snatch for some of the positions. I get to say what a fucking awesomely great beauty Tanya is for taking a pounding in all her holes like this hottie did. You know JJay just loved that taut snatch so much he just couldn’t help but blow his load up that captivating moist crack. Of course I told our little wench to lick it all up and drink every last drop of his love sex ball cream. Does this hottie like cum? NOPE, but this hottie did it obediently like the big impure doxy this hottie proclaimed this hottie was. Yes we don’t think we will be seeing anymore of Tanya but we can all desire and hope right. It is getting close to the holidays so write Santa and maybe our wishes will come true. Chloe Foster Dinner And A Episode

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